Two posts, one engine

What does a good nerd do when feeling the urge to write on a topic ? Why, update his blogging tool, of course. I’ve actually loved static site generators since the days where I had one based on make and m4, I also want a lot of simplicity from the tool I use to blog.

I started out with posterous because I didn’t want to bother with hosting details from a blog, being a technology ascetic, I also often want it to match my current tools of choice. I also cannot go to extreme length on my own since I’m a design noob.

Anyhow, that’s why I’ve gradually changed from:

Since I started using emacs a lot again, I switched to org-mode for my GTD like workflow and o-blog seemed like a good fit. With great tools like twitter bootstrap to help the design impaired like me, it’s now very easy to get a decent looking site up and running from a simple emacs org file.