Introducing: TRON

I just uploaded a small library to github (and clojars), It’s a generalisation of what I use for recurrent tasks in my clojure programs, the fact that the recent pragprog article had a handrolled version of it too convinced me it was worth putting together in a lib.

The library provides an easy mechanism to register process for later execution, either recurrent or ponctual. It is called TRON, replacing CRON’s C which stands for command - as in: command run on - with a T for task.

Here is a short excerpt of what it can do:

(ns sandbox
  (:require tron))

(defn- periodic [] (println "periodic"))
(defn- ponctual [] (println "ponctual"))

;; Run the fonction 10 seconds from now
(tron/once ponctual 10000)

;; Run the periodic function every second
(tron/periodically :foo periodic 1000)

;; Cancel the periodic run 5 seconds from now
(tron/once #(tron/cancel :foo) 5000)

The code is hosted on github:, the full annotated source can be found here and the artifacts are already on clojars (see here). The library still needs a better way of expressing delays which will be worked on, and might benefit from macros allowing you to embed the body to be executed later. All in due time.